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not freaked out yet

I didn’t get much done last night after grocery shopping. In fact, we went home, I put away the groceries, ate dinner, and then watched Buffy with E and played until Megan called me to help her set up the printer in her room, and then caught the end of Friends... and went to bed. That’s it!

SOOOOoooo, that means I’ve still got stuff to do at home tonight. The downstairs is pretty nicely cleaned - must clean off the tables and wash the dishes again. The upstairs still needs to be vacuumed, and there are boxes that must be moved downstairs, and the office must be straightened up. I will wipe down the tub after I shower in the morning. I must make the jello tonight, and start the breadmaker before bed - which I may bring upstairs because otherwise, the beeping it makes when it stops might wake people up. If I have time, I’ll make cookies, and cake. The cake can wait till Saturday, and dad said he had an idea for something he wanted to try out, so I might not even need to make my cake. (although I’d like to cuz its way yummy.)

So I’m not super-duper stressed. The last visit with them went really well, and I know this one will, too. I wish I had a bit more done so I didn’t feel rushed tonight, but as long as I get part of this done tonight, I can finish up the office stuff in the morning. So I’m doing okay smile


I’m sure the visit with your in-laws will be great smile I’m glad you’re not very stressed, and I hope you’re able to have a nice relaxed visit. I’ll send happy & positive vibes to you so all goes smoothly, teehee *hugs!*

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