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late evening at home

Lisa and I decided to undertake one of the bigger projects of the summer last night - lots of prep work had already gone into it, but we are relabeling all of our hardware bins. We made it over half way through in the 3 extra hours we spent taking off tags and confirming pieces and putting on tags. So we left here at 7, and I was pooped!

Got home, and tried to read my email. Something is stuck on the server, and I can’t get my mail to download. I’ve had an open tech support ticket about it since Monday, and the techs are idiots who can’t figure anything out without me there holding their hand. :sigh: I’m working on fixing it myself right now (didn’t work). I think if that doesn’t work, I’m gonna go get Zalary and we are gonna kick them in the shins ;)

So then, in the chance of relaxing instead of screwing with my mail, I started to read the silveringrid board. I saw that Zal had posted that she’d be chatting, and I got to go and talk to her and Trish for a while smile And Julie and Cori for a teeny bit. It was such the perfect way to end my day. Its nice to have people to talk to smile

In the middle of that, my friend from college called. She only calls me when she needs something. :sigh: I hate that. Last time she came, we didn’t really get along as well as we should have, and so I was suprised that she wanted to come and stay at my house on the way to walla walla again. On top of that, she didn’t know which night she was gonna be coming in. I finally just had to say that we had too much going on. I felt bad, but I’m a jerk when it comes to this kinda stuff.

So I went to bed, and Eric cuddled with me, and I dreamt happy things and sad things, and happy things again. And woke up later than normal, but still in plenty of time to get ready. smile

Now I’m at work. Working hard or hardly working? ;) Okay, I’ll go to the working hard part now. :smiling as I sort my desk: smile

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