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little house

Rina makes me laugh: "Damn that Laura Ingalls."

Do you know how many mornings I’ve watched little house? I could watch every episode a hundred times and not get tired of them. I get up at too odd of a time to watch them now, but I hope they are still around for my little girls to watch. (Damn, if I get boys, they’ll watch it too LOL! They better!)


Just wanted you to know that boys do watch little house - schaun watched it so much growing up that he can remember entire episodes. it’s a little scary, really, if you think about it. tounge out

haha. laura ingalls. man. she went swimming today and took ellen with her and ellen drowned. and then ellen’s mom kidnapped laura. crazy. i grew up on little house. my mom watched it all the time to the point i started watching it in the morning while getting ready for school every morning. and i still love it. i hope it’s around when i have daughters too. smile

Oh, I remember that one. She was in the cellar.... ellen’s mom was freaky!

I grew up on the show, too. I watched it when it was on at nights when I was really young, and then reruns every afternoon. When I lived alone, I watched both morning epis on TBS, and then when my schedule allows it, I still do smile

I still get freaked out by the fire at the blind school episode. And the one with the rats in the barn. But I like the Younger Brother ones ;) I think Mr. Olsen pretends to be a robber!