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aug 8

I’m sure that over the next few days, I’ll refer to what was happening a year ago lots. One year ago today, I was picking Rina up from the airport, putting together programs, and making cool drinks for my wedding.

Here’s the recipe for what we ended up using at the wedding:

1 package blue ice Kool-aid

3/4 cup sugar

1 can of sprite

Fill container up to 2 qt line with water

Add nice scoops of raspberry sorbet

My mom was NOT happy that we wanted to serve something with koolaid as its base at the wedding, but it turned the most beautiful color of lavendar, and tasted absolutely heavenly!!!!!!


I was thinking about this, too! Yesterday was David D’s birthday, which set off my train of thought. LOL David, fly to Krissy’s, Gillian, all in a row. I can’t believe it was a year ago already!

And really, I can’t say enough good things about the wedding drink. I made that drink all through the year. For a tiny one cup recipe, you can just pour enough kool-aid to cover the bottom of the cup, add 1 packet of sugar (like from a restaurant), and fill with Sprite. Sorbet optional, water not necessary. LOL Kept me awake on many a night. Especially before I realized one packet of sugar was fine, not two...

You have Lisa and me laughing hard over here! I can just see you on a sugar buzz trying to study and surf LOL! smile You are so cute smile

mmmmmm! that drink sounds divine. i absolutely must make some and try it. yum yum! thanks for sharing smile

that sounds delish! I’ll have to try that sometime. smile

It sounds divine! And Happy Anniversary too! *hugs*

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