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week of Aug20 horoscope

This seems very telling as to what I am worrying agout this week:

There are some interesting patterns in place at the beginning of the week, when Mercury makes a T-square to both Saturn and Pluto. This indicates that you may be wondering whether it is worth taking the risk to do something that could be quite creative, but could also be a source of anxiety in a financial sense. With Mercury as the key planet, this indicates that practical discussion is very much called for, and it may also be worth getting in touch with others who have been involved in similar experiences. There is also the sense that on some level an aspect of the situation has become stuck, due to conflict between those involved. Any talks may need to incorporate a more relaxed approach to one aspect of the problem. The Sun also moves into Virgo, which increases your interest in the more creative side of your life, and encourages you to think about being more daring, but certainly in a calculated way. With Jupiter making some interesting aspects to Neptune, one particular communication will open some new doors, especially where your career or major goals are concerned. It may seem an impossible dream to begin with, but you will want to find a way to make it happen.
My interpretations of the moment. creative impossible dream = working @ home for one day a week; causing financial anxiety because one less day of pay; practical discussion = talking with dad hopefully today.

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