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early morning

E told me last night as I was falling asleep that he needed to come in early today. My brain spins when that happens, because I thrive on the routines I have set up for myself. I’m sleepy this morning, but it all worked out okey-dokey.

So I’m at work a bit early, looking at some reports, and printing off my letter to my dad. I’m hoping to talk with him today about my work stresses, and it really made more sense to me to write a letter and then talk to him because I thought I might be able to express myself more clearly that way. Its all printed and sealed in an envelope now. So think of me today.

There were 18 hangups on the answering machine here last night - my brothers crack-whore-quazi-girlfriend-whatever-thefuck-she-is is obsessed with trying to get ahold of him. I’m 99% sure that all 18 hangups were here - 4:25 4:35 4:53 5:04 5:14 5:19 5:27 5:38 5:41 6:06 6:14 6:18 6:30 7:03 7:48 8:06 8:32 9:00. Yes, that sounds a wee bit like her style. I sure don’t like having to go through that many hangups!

I sorted part of my desk, and I feel good about the first few projects I have plans to work on this morning. So I’m gonna start in on that for a little while smile Yay for good projects to do. Keep my mind off of worrying about talking to dad!


I’ll be thinking about you Kristine! Sounds like a pretty nerve-racking thing to do, but hopefully it will help you feel better in your day-to-day trials at work... smile

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