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letter to dad

Well, like I said earlier, I sealed my thoughts in an envelope so I couldn’t change them again. (17 rewrites later smile ).

I gave the envelope to dad when he was in here, and then he had to leave, so he took it with him. :sigh: And then, he decided to drive up to Tacoma tonight so he could go to Sequim and Port Angeles in the morning, and not come home until late tomorrow evening. :sigh: So that means, I’ll still have to talk to him about it on the phone or wait for a week and a half. I’m so nerve-racked already, and I want to get this discussion taken care of. I want a decision made. I want him to come in here and kick some ass to help with the issues that I can’t fix myself. But he doesn’t have time. I’m glad I wrote the letter... but I wish we could have talked. :sigh:

But in the end, it has to turn out right, dontcha think? Either I’ll be here and someone else won’t to make my life better or I won’t be here at all, or dad will let me do a lesser schedule like I’m suggesting. Stay tuned in for the exciting conclusion of my life ;)


Not a conclusion, silly girl, a beginning! I’m definitely staying tuned and sending happy thoughts your way. I know it’s going to work out! ((HUGS))

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