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I’m obsessed. Obsessed with making sure that the sets I’m cutting up have proper allowance for fluidity - if you only have a little bit on your page, it should look good and if you have a giant novel on your page, it should look good. Of course, I just spent 20 minutes trying to get this to work on the set I’m doing right now. Ahhh, the key to this one was the background color. I see what I didn’t see the first time ;) I wish that everyone who looked at my graphics sets could see how many hours I really put into them to make them look like they do. Never could I do sets like some people do in less than an hour - the design - oh yes, but cutting it all up and getting it situated and comfy together? Nope. Its a slow process, but I love feeling like I intimately know the coding in each and every set. smile

Yes, I know, I’m a silly girl for going off about things like this on a saturday afternoon. But its quiet in here (E’s washing the car) and I like quiet time to talk to myself like this ;)


I also take a long time on each of my sets, no matter how simple. I can never figure out how someone can create something in an hour. I can get the main design done in less than a half hour, but setting up and the coding etc. take a long time. I’m always changing things around. smile

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