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visiting Portland area?

Last week’s Question of the week on Silveringrid was so cool that I had to put together some great pictures - I was revisiting the thread today and thought some of my other visitors here might enjoy seeing what I put together.

QOW: If you were to have a visitor to your area, what would you have to show them? Why?

Click pictures for the large copy - none of them are mine, I’m just borrowing them for visuals smile

Let’s go on a little tour. There are so many places I would take you if you came to visit me. I live in a place that is 15 minutes from a major city/airport (Portland, OR), an hour from the desert, and hour and a half from the ocean, on a major river (Columbia), and an hour from 2 major mountains and snow. There is so much beauty all around me that I don’t think I’ll ever leave smile

Go down the gorge from my house, and you’ll see the wonderful breathtaking view. In the distance, you can see Crown Point (a view point on the Oregon side), Beacon Rock (second largest freestanding rock in the world), and on a clear day, Bonneville Dam.

Bonneville Dam is a favorite Saturday afternoon destination for us because they have lush carpet in the fish viewing room, and you can relax and talk while you watch the fish going up the fish ladders. This is so they can get safely through the dam.

In the distance, you can see my very favorite thing to look at - Mt. Hood. Its a perfectly shaped mountain, and I’m never tired of the view. I call it my mountain because I think I’m one of the few people here who doesn’t take it for granete when they see it every day on their commute smile There are many other mountains in the area - Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Jefferson all can be seen on a clear day.

We’ll now go over the Bridge of the Gods, a bridge that is believed to replace a natural bridge many years ago that the Indians claimed was here so you could go across the river without getting your feet wet. We’ll drive back west towards the city, and on our way, we’ll stop at a few waterfalls. The tallest and most easily seen of them is Multnomah.

There is another beautiful waterfall in the end of the Onteonta gorge where you have to swim and climb to get to - when you make it to the back, you are rewarded for your efforts. There is also Bridal Vail Falls, which has its own post office so the sentimental brides can get their envelopes postmarked from a beautiful place smile

Back in the city, I’ll take you to the Rose Gardens.

This is the international test garden, and they have probably thousands of types of roses. It smells glorious in May and June, and has nice paths to walk between the flowers, and its a wonderful wedding site for pictures in Portland, the City of Roses.

If you are an avid reader, you would enjoy the Powell Bookstore, which is downtown Portland and takes up an entire city block. If you like hiking and exploring, I’d take you to Ape Caves, a set of lava tubes from a long time ago from when the mountain erupted - they are huge open spaces where you can climb inside - a perfect activity for a warm summer day because its cold underground. There truely is something for everyone in this beautiful place, and I’d be so proud to show it off to each of you! smile

Thanks to Sara for the great QOW’s!


You are welcome! I cannot wait to visit your city one day and see all the things you have posted!

smile *HUGS*