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baby steps

I’d like to introduce you to my newest journal on the site. In my grand plan for becoming whole again, I’m taking baby steps towards doing just that. My goals of becoming me again include a wide variety of sections of my life, and by watching each little step, I’m able to see my successes and make changes when I go backwards.

If you’d like to watch my progress, its linked on the sidebar - baby steps. Its not quite all of the way finished as far as the design and stuff goes, but its a great place for me since I am on the computer so much.

The name Baby Steps is partially attributed to FLYlady and partially attributed to What About Bob? smile "Baby Steps to the elevator...." ;)

Thanks again to Zalary for introducing me to FLYlady - I really have gotten excited about shining my sink and making little changes one at a time, and this philosophy is enveloping my life as it is smile

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