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Megan's Laptop

I never knew how the colors looked on a laptop until now. Its like different depending on what side of the screen the reflection from the light is on! Everything looks a bit washed out, too. My webpage doesn’t look very colorful!

Oh yes, I’m typing this on Megan’s computer. I’ve got it hooked up to the internet to download the newest security updates and AIM and get her all set to use her love-productions email address with OE instead of signing on to AOL. Cuz her and the family share an AOL account - and then they wouldn’t be able to talk. So I’ll get her an AIM name and that will make them be able to chat. And me too smile

The keyboard is nice and quiet too. I like that feature, since my desk keyboard is way loud. I feel like I’m typing slower on here without the noise, actually!

Someday, I’ll have a laptop. I’ll be able to go into bookstores and sit under a tree and go on a plane and still be able to do everything online. When I finally shell out the bucks for a laptop, I want it to be one that’s always connected to online services, so I’ll wait much longer for that ;) But that’s idea for me. I’ll get a digital camera and be forever uploading and sharing pictures. Then you’ll be able to see so much more of my life. yay smile


Hehe.. I have a friend back in Dallas who has a laptop with a wireless modem.. the boy is *constantly* online. It’s rather scary when you say hi to him on ICQ and he says something like "hold on, gotta finish parking".... *eeeek*

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