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designing all day :-)

I’ve had a great weekend, just relaxing, playing, sorting emails, reading forums, and lots of designing smile I completed two sets which makes me feel very accomplished smile (if you want to go and see, hop over to webpage jewelry, the newest are on the top).

Everybody else is quiet in bloggy-land tonight, too... Hopefully enjoying the sunshine smile Its really pretty here smile Supposed to be way hot this week - uh oh, time to shave my legs again *g* I have to do that like, every day, that I wear shorts!?! Blech!

Its the 1st of July smile That normally means that my stats on my webserver start up again and I don’t have such a pile of referrals to go through to find the new ones (which I usually catch on sitemeter, but I go through them on my server, too smile ). They took my control panel down with some thing this weekend and I had them reset it, but my stats still aren’t back up. Hmmm...

This week will have to be good. I have a day off in the middle - that means 2 days of work and a day off, then 2 days of work and a weekend. I think that would make an excellent schedule for a normal week for me anyhow. Its definitely a consideration for a reduced schedule if I ever should try out that alternative smile

A few new people I need to add to my new reads: Panacea, Beth (who I used to read but I think she stopped blogging for a while), and a fire inside. smile

My server isn’t working right Its timing out (or saying Server Hangup) every time I try to fix anything, and it wrote over top of my GM entrylist... ACK! So all of my backups are at home, and several weeks old, so I’ll be quite today because I don’t want to overwrite my other posts trying to fix things. *sigh* I’m searching for a new host; this is getting ridiculous. Any host suggestions? Email me.
Oh, if you sent me email between mid-afternoon and midnight yesterday, I didn’t receive it. Nothing came through during that time period.


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Awesome designs, as usual! Every time you update, I get this desire to set up more websites. LOL The Whimsical Blue and Solace are my favorites, although the Purple Butterfly rocks! I’m thisclose to kissing Mary Minter Miles goodbye and using the Whimsical for my blog this summer.

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