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what energizes us?

I read this the other day and was impressed by it. Take it as you will, I’m not trying to be preachy, but sharing something that touched me smile

"What is it that energizes us? Some are energized to exercise by a fold of fat around our mid-sections. Others are energized to buy glasses when we can’t read a map. What we see as our immediate need motivates our responses.
However, people tend to see only what they’re looking for. Hairstylists instantly see uneven bangs. Dentists notice receding gums. Nurses look for prominent veins. Christians see. . . what?

We need to see with new eyes. To look for inner beauty, listen for hidden cries. These motivations are literally everywhere. And we need to train our noses for the scent of angel wings. O that we could be energized out of our comfort zones not by the bats and ants of hell, but by the love of God.
Leaving the Comfort Zone by Chris Blake: Adventist Review, Feb 15, 2001


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you have done a great job on web sets....keep up the great work...

lol@nurses looking for prominent veins - i SO do that lol

Are you an adventist? My parents (at least my father) and some of my siblings are....

Are you an adventist? I’m not but most of my relatives are so I was just curious. Ignore me smile

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