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Music tastes over the years

It was sure fun reading through Lee’s "The Music Self-Analysis Project". I am fairly well rounded in my music love, but I don’t know how easily I could pinpoint how I was during certain times of my life. Christian music plays a big part of several sections of my life, I know. Pop, country, classical, rock, some oldies - they have all shown up in my years-of-music. I can definitely pinpoint some songs as being during a certain year with a certain set of memories.
Christian music has always played a big part in my life - from church when I was little to things like Rich Mullins when we first moved to WA to singing it all through high school, and then lots of Contemporary Christian music when I was in college. E and I have this in common because that was what his family listened to as well. Between the two of us, we have every Michael W. Smith CD smile Steven Curtis Chapman is one of my very favorites, with Geoff Moore being my favorite live singer (I’ve seen him in concert 3 times now!).

My dad introduced me to quite a wide variety of things as a child - Eagles and the like. He reintroduced me to his oldies again in the last few years as he took up singing things like Sitting by the Dock of the Bay and lots of Bob Seager at Kareoke. So I do have SOME older music in my blood.

I listened to country for a while during the time I was in college. Courtney got me into Garth Brooks (The Thunder Rolls was my favorite at the time) and some of the other greats during the time, and it was mainly because Walla Walla has a higher percentage of Country music stations than it does anything else. I still hear some of the great songs on the stations here and have to sing along. But E hates country, so I don’t listen too often.

My brothers influence during my early High School years caused me to be aware of Nirvana and Metalica, and then I found Def Leppard on my own later on. This music lead me towards things like Live and Van Halen and other pop-ier versions of rock. Some of this gives me bad memories of my ex-boyfriend. I tend to sway towards the more meloncholy songs - with the minor keys - and when I’m really upset, I put them on repeat.

Classical and instrumental has a place in this list - instrumental soundtracks are particularly great. Although I don’t have much of a classical background, I was known my freshman year in college for putting on David Lanz’s Cristofori’s Dream on repeat on friday nights.

Popular top-40s type of music always comes back to being the stuff I listen to first. Its fun, makes me happy, and since I tend to be the kind of person to like to hear my favorite song over and over, listening to the top-40s stations is always good *g* I lean towards several ends of the pop spectrum. On one end, I love girl-music. Sarah McLachlan, Dido, Tara McLean, groups with female lead singers like Sixpence and the like - they are all inspiring to me. On the other end, the latest BSB and NSync and Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child and those sort of groups are appealing to me in a happy sort of way. There are so many sections of pop to enjoy! All of my recent CDs are in this category.

So I’m a diverse girl, within limits. I haven’t expanded my horizons to jazz or blues or anything too independent lately, but I’m happy in where I am right now smile Thanks for the idea, Lee, it was fun to look at this smile


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