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pre-denist jitters

I am awful about doctors and dentists. I get so worried about it that by the time I’m in there, my tummy is in absolute knots and my hands are clenched.

This morning, its the dentist. We are finally covered by Cobra, so we are trying to get a bunch of appointments in right now - since E can drive me to them while he doesn’t have a job.

The last time I went to the dentist was my freshman year of college. Eek! Right before my 19th bday, right before my coverage was dropped through my parents - mom decided it would be the perfect time to get my wisdom teeth out. I was freaked out! I had to come home early for the weekend and I was terrified. They gave me conscious sedation - "99% of people can be awake for their surgery and never remember what happened." I’m in the 1%. The IV was awful being put in. And about 1/2way through the surgery, I was fully aware of what was happening - not in super pain, but in some pain and in major discomfort for what they were doing. The drugs in IV sedation make some people cry - for me, it was started 1/2way through the surgery and went for 8hrs+ aftwards. I couldn’t stop crying.
While they were doing my wisdom teeth, I had two fillings that needed to be done. When I came home for a checkup a few months later, these teeth were still so painful after fillings that I couldn’t barely eat. It appeared that they had drilled too deep. They said there was nothing they could fix for free, they weren’t THAT bad that it was there fault, so I’ve just had to deal with it. They still hurt frequently.

That was the last time I went to the dentist. Today I’m going for a screening, but the chances of me not having cavities after 6 years of no coverage? I’m pretty sure that’s a possibility, and I’m terrified.

[update] I went in for my screening - he said I was doing pretty good for not going to a dentist for that long. I have one new cavity, and one that needs to be redone - they did it badly the first time. He also talked to me about my kinda chipped tooth in the front - I have a floride deposit that makes a white spot on it and he said they might be able to fix that. That’d be a cool cosmetic side thing to have done smile

So I have a cleaning next Thursday, and my filings the following Tuesday. That’s more scary than just a screening any day! Ack!!


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Hope the appt went better than expected *hugs* Ya reminded me I need to make one myself!

I haven’t been to the dentist since my freshman year of college either! I have a total phobia - and now it’s been so long, I’m even more scared to go. But, we don’t have dental coverage still, so I guess it’s going to wait awhile. Being pregnant has gotten me over my doctor phobia, though! It’s no biggie anymore.

when i was little going to the dentist was a luxury so needless to say I can count with one hands the times I went.. anyways 3 yrs ago I had a screening and they found 12+ cavities.. i know it’s bad but with no insurance I couldn’t do it. Now I’m just lazy and the dentists I’m allowed to go to are booked for months!

Well at least now I don’t feel so bad about not having seen the dentist recently either. LOL! I would rather visit the doctor any day over the dentist. *shivers*

Bot Im glad I didnt read that entry before I went to have MY wisdom teeth out - I might never have gone. Ofcourse I just had it done today and I wish I hadnt gone *feel sorry for me* *sniffles*

I kind of chipped in front left bottom tooth, how will it be fixed? Please if you know let me know, thank you.

hello, i know everything that you are feeling, i’m there now i’m 34 and only have been to the dentist about 5 times and i’m deffinlitly paying for it know i don’t have one good tooth in my mouth and i’m still scared xxxxless to go.

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