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01June20: bloggy notes

Things of note in bloggyland while I was on my trip:

  • Carrie had her baby!
  • Kel started blogging again smile
  • Trish is totally sick from her wisdom teeth *pout*
  • Laura graduated!
  • Stef and Erika redesigned!! Hey are both so cute!
  • Recycled Thoughts and Free Falling are on hiatus *pout* I’ll miss them both.
  • Eden redesigned - I think I’ll miss the orange, but this is nice too smile
  • Allizine wasn’t gone, just moved!
  • Jaya should have had her beautifully planned wedding on Sunday, I think!! smile

Exciting stuff, huh?! smile I’m feeling more caught up now smile Although I still haven’t made it over to my forums to read! Ack! that’ll be a lot of posts!


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