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ready to go to ca?

Wow, what a crazy morning! I packed all of my clothes last night, and then got up this morning to finish the rest of everything. I sure don’t know if I have everything yet! We are leaving from work this afternoon (flight leaves at 6:11pm). So I needed to have everything ready.

I have my backpack packed and with me right now (carry-on) - its easier to just do that, and then have my makeup and wallet and stuff with me today at work.

I started going through my bloglist this morning, but didn’t make it all of the way through because I kept finding things I needed to do! And then, I realized that my certified copy of my marriage license wasn’t in my wallet! (I need that for check in because my official ID card still says Locatis) I searched everywhere, and had decided I was gonna have to make E go and get another copy today. Finally, I opened my checkbook, and there it was! Phew! That was major stress! I paid all of the bills, and made a deposit up for E to take to the bank. Checked my account to make sure nothing had cleared that I didn’t know about. I didn’t do anything like throw out food that might go bad while we are gone, or take out the trash, but I’ll do that when we stop to pick up E. Its still wet enough at night that my flowers outside will be nicely watered when I return w/o lining up someone to do it for me. So everythings taken care of that I can think of!

Contents of my carry-on?

My purse with assorted money, pens, drugs, and candy. A new bag of individually wrapped Lifesavers (Pepomint). I brought two Jude Deveraux books from my box of unread ones (which I’ve probably already read and don’t remember *G*) - The Temptress and Counterfit Lady. My PC Format magazine from gardenhose.com. A new ABC Soaps In Depth. A disposable camera. My jewelry and makeup (I don’t trust my luggage). A deck of cards. A can of Cherry coke That’s for work, I’ll open it now.... ahhhhhh!
Pretty exciting, huh? *giggle* I’m hoping that between this bag and my suitcase, I haven’t forgotten anything important. I worry about that so much!!

I’ll be around all day, leaving you fun notes before I leave.


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Whew! I’m exhausted just reading all that you’ve done or that has yet to be done! LOL Have a great trip!!! Enjoy, rest & relax smile

Have a wonderful trip, Kristine! When you get back, remind me to tell you what happened to us in the airport in Bordeaux. It’s quite a story!!!

i hope you have a wonderful time. can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back


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