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hurt hand

ow ow ow ow OW!
I burned a stripe on the top of my hand putting a pizza in the oven. between my first and second knuckle, diagnolly. I put it under cold water immediately, and had ice on it for about an hour, hoping that would keep it from hurting. It made it numb for that first hour, and now it hurts. Its starting to blister on one end. What do I do to make it not hurt? I have no burn cream. OW! OWWIE!
I’m such a baby


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Its feeling much better this morning. Yea!

Be sure to put Neosporin or some other ointment on it. I’m glad it’s feeling better! Drew seared his arm on the grill the day before the wedding. Ow!!! He says it doesn’t hurt, but it still looks nasty. sad

Aww! You’re not a baby! Burns hurt! I hope you’re feeling 100% better now!

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