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Rose Painting

Some evenings, you just need to let some creativity out. Last night, I came home to a clean house - Eric had done a lot of stuff like vacuuming, etc. that needed to be done smile What a sweety! So I decided to relax some, and tried to play Spyro. I’m kinda stuck where I’m at, so I quit pretty fast. I read my blogs and my mail, and didn’t feel like doing any real stuff that I was supposed to be working on. So I opened up Painter Classic and played with my tablet. Its really theraputic, even if what comes out itsn’t the ideal perfect wonderful painting. So I’m sharing it with you smile

{{popup rose-painting.jpg rose-painting 600x465}}rose painting, (c) love-productions
click for a larger copy

Hope you enjoy! smile


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I like it, Kristine! Very soothing.

Thanks, Amy smile It was fun to draw smile

Kristine that’s gorgeous!! I simply must learn more about this tablet stuff. smile

Ooo! I have a Wacom 12x12 that I adore, but don’t have plugged in because I’m SO limited on space. But, this was so pretty that I am super tempted to go plug it in. smile

Anathea - glad to inspire you - wow a 12x12? I bet you can make huge beauitufl things! smile

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