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9 Truths - Did you guess correctly?

It was so much fun having so much participation in the 9 things are true... thread below.

I’m sorry to draw it all out so long - this weekend was just WAAAAAY too busy!

The false thing? #6: I love to talk on the phone.
I’m awful about the phone. I get all flustered and jittery and say stupid things. I do SO much better with emails, posts on forums, and faxes. But unless I’m super comfortable with the person (think my siblings!), I am stressed just thinking about calling or answering the phone. I do it when I have to, but don’t go out of my way to make calls. Weird, huh?! Belle and Eden guessed this, but neither were sure. Eric knew smile

I was surprised how many of you were sure that #1: I live with my husband before I got married was false. He moved in when the end of July, 99 - after he graduated and while he was looking for a job and an apartment. I really liked having him around, and so he never found an apartment. We’ve lived together longer than I’ve been blogging, so many of you probably wouldn’t have known that. It wasn’t necessarily how I planned it, but it sure brought us closer in a way that just visiting on the weekend wasn’t able to do smile And in the end, it all turned out okay.

It apparently wasn’t surprising that I lead out in a fan club and read NC17 fan fic and got my ears pierced much later in life and that the vote of __Most dependable__ by my class was placed on me. *giggle*

Most of you didn’t know I had a bowling trophy *g* I’m TERRIBLE - but when I was 13 or 14, the local homeschooling group had a bowling class, and everybody who participated got a bowling trophy. I think I averaged a score of like 60 during the class. I’m not much better now *G*

Thanks for playing, it sure was fun!! smile Oh, and go back down to the post and read the recipe for my bad drink - I think I have everything in my leftover stash to make a few of these if you all want - it actually looks worse than it tastes. Unless you are Rina (which 3 weren’t you sure of, btw, doll??) and enjoy odd looking drinks!!!


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5, 6, and 10. LOL I was really leaning towards the phone one, but then I thought about how you’ve never had a problem talking to me, you had talked to Eric fine when I visited you, and then you never mentioned you had a similar issue when I called you after the earthquake and told you how nervous I had been about calling you. LOL As for the HS one, I remembered you hadn’t really liked your classmates, and wasn’t sure if they would have known to give you such a completelyaccurate award. LOL I also remembered bowling with you and wondered how you would have managed to get a trophy.

I was glad that you had called after the earthquake ('specially since we hadn’t talked for a while), but I was very flustered talking. I don’t know why - I just get nervous when the conversation lags for a second and think that I should either fill the silence or hang up, and then I think I’m rude, and so I giggle, and babble, and end up feeling like an idiot!! *G*

I have a bowling trophy too! When I was in highschool I played on an adult league just for something to do (lived in a big 'ol town of 17K people...you had to find something to entertain ya). That year I got two trophies. One called the "skunk award" for the lowest game bowled (did I tell you I was a horrible bowler?) and another for being on the winning team for the season. We had some amazing bowlers on our team, obviously we would need them because I bowled so badly *g*

That was alot of fun! :o)

Ya know, #6 was my gut instinct. I could have sworn not too long ago you mentioned hating the phone. LOL! And I knew without a shadow of a doubt that #1 was true because I remember reading your wedding story. But that bowling one, boy oh boy that was tricky! LOL!

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