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Christian Music for Megan

Since my sister hasn’t ever ventured to my site, I think I’m safe talking about her graduation gift *g*

She’s very musically slanted - loves to sing, plays the flute, and she enjoys good music. Her tastes vary wildly, but she always goes back to the good Contemparary Christian Music. I haven’t purchased much CCM lately (in College, I had tons of it), and so I did some research this weekend for some CDs that I think I’ll get her, along with burning some mixes of some older music that we both loved out of my collection. I’ll get back to you on which ones will be on those!

Any suggestions out there? Here’s my current 3 picks for what I’d like to get her.
Steven Curtis Chapman: Greatest Hits—we both love him; she doesn’t own any of his albulms yet, so this sounded like a great solution.
Jaci Velasquez: Crystal Clear—she seems like a really dynamic singer from what I’ve heard on the radio, and I’ve heard good reviews about this CD.
Heaven and Earth—this looks like a great mix of some of the great women of Christian music - Michelle Tumes and Rebecca St. James jump out at me, and the other two (Nichole Nordeman and Jennifer Knapp) are supposed to be great, too. Seems like it would be a really nice one to sing along with.

Do you know of anything recent that’s better? Leave me a comment!!


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there’s always WOW 2001 - it just came out and is a 2 cd compilation of all the top CCM hits of the past year. we bought it for our high school grads at church - it looks good!

Oh, great idea! Thanks, Cheryl! smile

All the WoW CDs are good! Also, there’s Avalon and the Katinas . . . there’re a whole bunch of albums I could name off the top o' my head *s* Hope that helps . . .

Kendall Payne’s CD is so so good. She is a sassy girl and her songs are fun and poignant. One of her songs is the theme song for the WB’s "Popular" (Supermodels). It is so good. I listen to it non-stop.

Another vote for Kendall Payne.. I saw her live last summer and she’s really great.

Oh, I have heard that theme song for Popular and really liked it - I’ll definitely have to keep her in mind for a future addition to the present! I was cutting it a bit too close to change anything, and so I ended up ordering the 3 that I listed above. I wish I had subbed the WOW one for one of the others, because now that I’ve looked at it, it looked like an awesome collection. Maybe she’ll get a sequel present ;) Thank you all for your suggestions!!!

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