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ahhh, the joy of a day off!

I am SO happy to be at home right now. not working, not stressing, just enjoying being me. Yes, I’m still making lists of things to do, but if I don’t complete them, so what? ahhhh....

I surfed ALL of my blogs this morning and caught up with some of my not|dailies, which was nice smile I added some of my newer findings to my sidebar this morning. I read my email, and now I’m working on finishing up some of my graphic sets.

E is still alseep, and its quiet in here except for the tap tap tapping of my speedy fingers on the keyboard. Oh, and the glorious wind through the partially opened window. Its kinda cold, but it sounds so pretty that I haven’t wanted to shut it. There is a big beautiful tree that I can see through the opening in my desk, and now that it has leaves on it, it is gorgous. I can watch the little birds sitting in it most days, singing at me. Today, its too windy (gonna be partially cloudy and 65 today) yet for the birds, they must be hiding elsewhere. The sky is kinda grey out, I can see that its pretty bright above the clouds. I can hear airplanes taking off at PDX - I bet its a busy day over there...

I talked to my dad last night about the work issues - he actually sounds like he is going to do something about it this time, which makes me happy and sad. I know that no matter what happens, we either loose some very knowledgable people or we all stay very unhappy about the situation. Not great things, either way... but its just too much to deal with myself - he needs to make the judgement call. So tomorrow may be a very stressful day. I can deal, though. I’ll do my best, and todays joyous relaxing will make me more ready.

I’m so happy to be at home, did I mention that? My creative ideas are just flowing this morning - I have some awesome graphic sets in process, and I know that I’m not nearly as prolific as my graphic designing friends - but still, it makes me happy to know that I’m learning so that someday when I can be at home, I will have a great group of sets that I started in my learning smile

So, I’m back to my list, and think I’ll restart before I try getting into Dreamweaver or Photoshop. My computer is touchy lately about those things!!!
Have a wonderful day, my friends!!!


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Sounds like you’re having a great day!! I have been home since my cancer diagnosis and lkinda taking the staying home thing for granted sad

Thanks for the note, Sandee - I’m sorry that you have a sad reason to be at home, but I can see how it could be really nice to be at home, anyhow... Have a great day!

this is a very cute site.. I really need to learn some more html and tweak my site s'more.. I’m still moving in and it’s so *blah*.. good thing my boyfriend’s a computer geek. *wee*

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