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Sunday morning blogginess :-)

I found a few things when I was surfing this morning that I had to comment about smile

Jenni asked about relaxing, and I had to post a nice reply to her post - I am enjoying this weekend so much! Its so nice that even though its Sunday, I have loads more time until the weekend is over smile I was visiting some of Jenni’s reads and found Caffeine Diary, who sent me to the Lemonade Game - wow, that was bunches of fun!! I actually made a profit smile I also found Heather, who has fun links on her site and Laure with a beautiful tulip design on her page smile Haven’t I told you before that I love surfing other people’s fav-reads so I can both learn more about what they like and find new reads myself?! smile
Alysha is back - I was getting a little worried because her domain was down! Trish showed pictures of her lips with Lipfinity. I’ve gotta get some of that!! Maybe Walmart will have some when I go to look for skirt/shorts smile
The blog formerly known as Periwinkle Haze now has a new name and location. Cool, Cheryl!! smile
It appears that Stef and I have something in common - she loves making lists too!
Erika has a redesign smile All pretty and black and white and blue and daisy!
And Dara redesigned too - Mirskyink isn’t as inky as it was - very nice, though! smile

That was fun - thanks, guys, for great reasons to blog about!! smile


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you can also get infinity at Kmart ;).. I love that stuff

ups.. Lipfinity

Kristine I thought about you today as I was lounging in my papasan chair reading my book. I wondered if you were curled up on your futon doing the same. Aren’t days like this the best? I hope you are thorougly enjoying your holiday weekend! =)

Oh wow, I found many new blogs today. Thank you for that!!!

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