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Get Crafty site!

Alysha pointed me in the direction of Get Crafty. It looks like a wonderful site to get lost in when I have more time. I did take the time during my break to read an article called Home-Schooling Your Little One. It had a great view on some of the feature of Home Schooling that I actually embrace. The idea of being able to be immersed in one topic and learning all you can about it was part of why I loved home schooling. If I wanted to spend a whole day on one thing and skip the other subjects, I could. I learned a lot about Greece that way - I wrote a 20 page paper (I think I still have it) on Greece, reading TONS of books about the country, the people, and spent quite a lot of time on it. And it was all just writing - I learned about their math and their science, and while it wasn’t traditional studying, it was good and pure knowledge and I remember much of it. (I followed that with a huge paper about Italy the next section). I have several issues with Home Schooling, but this author really hit some of the high points, and it was really nice to read what she said.


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