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long [selfish] post

Oh yeah, the party Saturday night - we survived, and so did our house *g* There were about 15 girls who showed up (only 2 of them seniors (I think another 1 or 2 came after I went upstairs), the rest freshman). There was almost enough food. They watched Shanghai Noon and Bring It On - E and I watched SN with them, and then I went to bed. The girls had fun smile Next time, I’d suggest that Megan make most lists and come sooner, but that’s me, not her - I make lists. I’m a good part of a group of friends because I always organize. I did really good my senior year - we’d plan events and I’d sit there with my planner, detailing every part of the party. Most people aren’t like that, I know *g* Megan’s not the same as me, as I try to remind myself - its almost hard to sit back and not help when she’s planning things!!

Eric’s job search is going. Slowly - he submitted his updated resume to several of the best job search engines, applied at at least one place directly, and has another ad to reply to today. He’s enjoying the break. He’s making it a bit of a vacation for the moment, since he’s still being paid with his severence. Makes me wonder if I’ll get any sort of a vacation this year, though. If he’s taking time now, that doesn’t bode well for a relaxing trip for me any time soon because I’m guessing he’ll want to use any days that he gets at his next job to go to CA.... I was looking forward to using his 2 weeks of vacation this year, and some of it, I wanted to use for just us. I guess we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll just take a week off at some point and tell my mom I’m going away and then stay in my house for a week and enjoy being alone smile

I bet that if I made a list, I would have about 40 hours of work on my half-done graphics to work on *g* I do silly things though, like start new sets when I’ve already got 10 in process. *g* I sat down friday night and made a brilliant fractal set - start to finish of designing: maybe 1 hour? Then I spent another 3-5 hours setting it up in html with its style sheet, and configuring a dhtml scroller on it (I haven’t ever done one of these, and my rollover script was conflicting with the scroller script - but I figured it out!). I think I’m gonna set up a section of my sets with a Jewelry Plus which require a registration fee to use. This one will go in it. Its beautiful. A little larger load time than most of my designs, but beautiful. So yeah, how many do I have in process? Too many. But I’m loving it so much and I can’t stop!! smile I can’t wait to finish it up smile

Work annoyances:
How come I can’t impress on Annette that its not the "stupid computer" that’s not putting in the discounts automatically, its probably something that she has set weird in her program? She’s sick and grumpy. Mad at me because she thinks I got her, I think - really wasn’t intentional - I tried to stay away. Dad’s sick, too. I worked hard on something to show him something and he’s just not all here enough to tell me what kind of percentages he needs to know on these item type reports.

Leftover popcorn makes a really nice mid-morning snack smile

Wow, I reread this post, and I seem selfish today. I don’t mean to be, I’m really in an okay mood. So don’t mind me!

Hi ho, hi ho (its back to work I go!)


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