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Summer Movies!!

I’m sure you all are sick and tired of hearing me whine about being sick and tired *g* so I’m gonna share some fun stuff with you guys smile

E! Online’s movies of the summer:
A Knight’s Tale: Heath Ledger, need I say more?!
Moulin Rouge: the music on this preview brings back a memory that I can’t quite place. The same person did this as Romeo + Juliet, which I love.
Shrek: looks like so much fun!
Pearl Harbor: Not only is Ben Affleck on it, but it looks like a great movie all around.
Evolution: Every preview I’ve seen of yet has nothing but the meteor that crashes and the smiley face with three eyes. When I saw this in the E! listing with David Duchovny on it, I was actually surprised! Looks like fun!
Tomb Raider: E’ll want to see this *g* Its been in the works for so long I thought it was already out *G*
Baby Boy: No desire to see.
EI: Could be cool. Haley Joel is great!
Cats & Dogs: No chance. I hate talking animal movies. Blech!
Legally Blonde: Could be fun. I like Reese and Selma smile
America’s Sweethearts: Julia and Catherine Zeta-Jones smile Looks good!
Planet of the Apes: My dad had me watching the first ones since I was little, so I think I want to see this. Mark Wahlberg is great anyhow smile
The rest? Nothing too spectacular - but American Pie II comes out in Aug., and I want to see that smile

Also on this site - an article about the possiblity of Roswell jumping ship with Buff and Angel.


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I’m really excited about Shrek, Evolution, Pearl Harbor, and Cats and Dogs. Not only with C&D have the Harry Potter trailer, it looks like an hysterical movie. I saw the previews the last few movies I saw with Josh. Which is where I’ll see this one, too - mom takes Josh to the movies every month. Shrek is May, C&D is June. LOL Sadly, that’s about as much as I get to the movies!

Does HE have something to do with your desire to see one of the movies? *G*

I seriously never mentioned HIM? I thought it looked totally stupid before I started seeing commericals everywhere. LOL It’s gonna be super cute, and slightly bizarre.

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