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To work today?

I’m sitting here, trying to decide if I can even sit up long enough to go to work. I’m feeling a bit better, but I’ve sat here for 15 minutes now and my back is killing me. That doesn’t bode well for sitting in a chair for 8 hours at work, does it?

Still sore throat, but not so bad; headache isn’t SO bad. I’m walking really badly - my muscles all tightened up and causes me to not only limp, but walk very slowly and hold onto the walls for fear of falling over!

going to take a shower to see if that makes me feel any better....
...and maybe I’m feeling a bit better. I really should go. I think I can make it... I have to be there this afternoon cuz its early release Wed. and Annette can’t be there.

(I haven’t sat still long enough to figure out why this page is causing an error when I get into it. As soon as I can sit long enough to get angelquotes done, I’ll deal w/that!)


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