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Consistant people get consistant results!!

I took the ipti2 test that Amy was talking about, and its so funny - I get such consistant results from these tests!!!

I scored as an IS(T/F)J, which is very similar to my usual answer of ISTJ. I get the T (Thinking) and F (Feeling) to vary a bit between the way the wording is, but its usually one of these two!

Their definition for an ISTJ has some very accurate info in it - I really liked the ISTjs like to collect reference material, encyclopaedias and dictionaries. This is super appropriate to what I just posted in my reply to the "I could have been a teacher or something..." post!

The last test I took that was similar to this was the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II, I think. Take it yourself. And feel free to use the info at Typelogic to learn more about your type smile


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