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Could I have been a teacher or something...

I thrive on school projects. Let me try that again... I love brainstorming for school projects. Lisa had a great idea for telling the story of the crazy man and the pigs falling off a cliff (its a more obscure story in the New Testament) - she’s making models of pigs and men out of clay and they are so cute! And so I helped her brainstorm her backdrop for it all. I really enjoy coming up with ideas for this kind of thing. And its weird because people are usually impressed with my ideas *giggle* What job could I use this kind of a skill for, though? I would be a good teachers assistant; doing the background work, researching, coming up with project ideas... but I don’t know if I’d actually be a good teacher. Maybe I just want to be a student making projects again LOL!


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Actually, that sounds an awful lot like a children’s librarian in a school. My friend MA is going back to school to do that in the fall.

*hehe* I know which story that is! Sounds very interesting too, wonder how you’ll do it. smile You do have some lovely ideas though, wish I were that creative!! laughing

Sarah - Well, Lisa’s (my sis) is trying as hard as she can to make this as cool as possible. So she took a box and set it on top of a big piece of cardboard. She’s gonna paint the big piece of cardboard like the ocean (my suggestion!) with a beach on the edges. I think she’s gonna get driftwood to put on the sides and some pigs even sticking out of the water *g* Its gonna be cool!!

I bet junior high would be perfect for you, then. Research and projects, often combined. LOL

Jr. High - that’s like 6,7,8? Matthew’s age. I could do that smile There are so many jobs I could do (and would enjoy!) - I wish I knew which one was best!!

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