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Movie this weekend?

I remembered talking about a movie I wanted to see on my birthday, so I had to go back and find what it was since I didn’t remember seeing a preview for anything lately that looked good... Oh yes, O with Julia Stiles. So I went over to my fav site, the IMDB, and found that the release date has now been moved to August 1! *pout* That’s sad! I was thinking maybe I’d go and see a movie this weekend with E and Courtney while she is here.

So, is there something else coming out this weekend that looks great?
One Night at McCools could be too stupid, even though Liv is on it. Bridget Jones could be good - Belle liked it, Candi was appauled by the casting. The Forsaken has sexy DC and Roswell and Jack & Jill/Felicity guys on it, but it looks scary. Final Fantasy (perfect for E) and Pearl Harbor (perfect for Court)aren’t out yet. I’d be pretty sure Court’s seen everything even remotely good that is already out there, like Enemy at the Gates or Hearthbreakers. I’d watch Josie and the Pussycats, but they might not.

I guess I can always come back to the showtimes for our theatres later. Any recs? Leave me comments!


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"bridget jones". no contest. and although i’m not british, i did live in London for a year- and i have to say renee’s british accent was the BEST i’ve ever heard from an american (especially better than gwnyeth). so poo on those who disparage the casting. (sorry candi!)

Go see Bridget, and then you can tell me all about it. It’s a fabulous story, and so far, men are liking it just as much as the women. I’m seriously dying to see this!

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