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school of vampires dream

I just woke up from the oddest dream. I’m not nearly as good at recording these as Ann, but it was so odd that I feel like writing it down!

I remember bits and pieces of it - I lived in this dorm that was attached to this giant school, and me and these girls wanted to go outside and get some fresh air late at night and we walked around trying to find a door that was open, and then we went past this big window wall inside and there was a silent dance going on - a whole bunch of people together holding each other and swaying to the invisible music, apparently to keep teachers and people from knowing they were all awake. And they saw us and some teacher person invited us to join them for a snack, and we were starving, so we walked through this hallway and had to climb under this group of folding tables to get to where the food was. And they had wonderful huge hamburgers like my grandma used to make, but we had to pay for them, and we didn’t have much money in our jammies, so we found just enough money to split one, and then the girl we were paying started kissing one of my friends (who I think was Willow (from Buffy)). This girl was beautiful, but I think she was a vampire. (No, girls don’t normally kiss in my dreams!) And then these teachers walked in, and everybody scattered, and we were the only ones there so we got in trouble, even though we tried to explain that the teacher had invited us (I think she was a vampire, too), and then I woke up.

Now, knowing how I am, maybe I’ll have this same dream tomorrow and remember more. Maybe I could write a book *g*


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