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Easter and Taxes and Landlords

Since we had already celebrated Easter with my family on Saturday, E and I decided to just go out and do a few things together yesterday. I really wanted to go out to an office supply store. I had several things that I was going to buy to try to make my work days happier... new colors of highlighters, and a new pencil, and purple pens and stuff.... but silly me, everything was closed for Easter! We went over to Target (because they had guys wranglers on sale, which is what I like wearing the best), and they were closed. Tried Office Max, and they were closed, too! So we went and hung out at Barnes and Nobles for a while. I skimmed the Dreamweaver book I was talking about a few days ago and found out that I know more than I thought! I bought the cookie book (Better Homes and Gardens Homemade Cookies) I had really wanted last time I went, too - with a gift certificate from Megan from my birthday last year smile (yes, I know I didn’t need another cookbook *g*)

Oh, and we went to Red Robin - it was so much quieter in there than normal! I love the ranch that they give you now to dip fries in - its so wonderful! And then we went to Fred Meyers for groceries. Which reminds me that I forgot to put stuff in the breadmaker this morning - I guess we’ll have something different than Spaghetti and bread tonight! On our way out of the store, we stopped and had ice cream at Baskin Robbins. It was so nice outside that we sat outside and looked at the beautiful mountain while we ate!! smile

Finished my taxes last night, even though Clark county has an extended time until they are due (because of the earthquake) We ended up owing money *sigh* I think I’m gonna make E change his withholdings at work (I think he’s claiming 2, and I’ll have him go down to 1, which will take more taxes out on each check) because my program (which I use for more of a double check to my work - I do them myself first) did show that I would be getting money back if was just me, but he would still have had to pay. The Oregon Non-resident taxes were as confusing as hell, but I think I finally figured it out after reading the 20 page PDF file a thousand times! But they are done *sigh of relief!*

Today is the day that our Landlords for our business building comes to visit. I’m kinda nervous about that. They don’t want us to be here anymore, and my dad’s gonna convince them otherwise *sigh* Please think of us this morning because this could have devestating consequences if things don’t go well. So Annette and I cleaned the office on Friday - you can actually see my desk!! smile Yes, this is an amazing things for someone as busy as me *g*


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Good luck with the landlords - I’ve seen the way your father writes, though, so if he talks even half as well, I’m sure it won’t be a problem at all. : )

Yes, he is a very persuasive writer, and already wrote a good letter... so we are hoping that we are in the clear, but we know rent’ll go up.

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