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No Fast connection?

I woke up this morning and my cable modem is blinking. Uh oh, not a good sign.... @Home kept sending us these emails and notes and stuff about this new program we needed to run to make our internet run better - E didn’t know what it did, so he didn’t want to run it and screw other things on the computer up. So, I dug out the last letter, and it did say that we needed to complete the program running by yesterday to "avoid any distruption in your AT&T@Home service." Grrrrr...

So I’m running the super slow AOL connection, just to get my email this morning and check my fav pages. Kind of a frustrating way to start off an early Monday!

I’m not quite sure why the modem keeps playing a little song (do do DO do) every once in a while, but it keeps making me jump!


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