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Let's hope its not a sign!

Its Monday!

My internet didn’t work this morning except for a teeny bit of the time I was awake. Which meant that I didn’t get to find my angelquotes theme for this week, since I assigned it to myself *g*. Guess I’ll do that tonight!

Then, I was totally dressed in my {{popup stortrooperdress.gif stortrooper dress 70x116}}cute little dress. Its supposed to be the only day that its not raining, and so I wanted to wear it because I wear my sandles with it, and I can’t do that any other day. Plus, E put the jeans in the washer and forgot to dry them so I only had a few options of what to wear. I went to put my zip disk into the drive and knocked over a pop can that I thought was empty and spilled the remaining pop in it all over my dress. *pout*.

So while the internet wasn’t up, I just about finished our taxes up (they were almost done about a month ago, but I kinda forgot to finish them then!). I’ll do my AQ theme tonight, and I thought of some great ideas while I was sorting through my pile of papers on my desk to get the taxes out! And I changed my clothes. And I still had enough time for a bowl of Raisin Bran. So everything wasn’t as bad as it could have been. And I even remembered to start the breadmaker, so hopefully when we walk in the house tonight, there will be wonderful scents of fresh bread!! smile


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