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any visitors?

Did I happen to mention yet what a fun time I had when Megan came over the other night? Wednesday night, she drove me home, and we cooked together. It was such a delightful time! We made Chicken Enchiladas (a new recipe for me - it’ll be up on TheKitchen once I go downstairs and get it to type it!), and they turned out really well. E really liked them. So the three of us sat and talked and ate, and it was SO nice.

It reminded me, though, that my house is wonderful for visitors. It would be super cool if I had a cool group of friends who came over and gabbed and cooked and played and watched movies on our wonderfully soft futons. A few nice couples, so E had some guys to entertain with his computer and playstation. We are SET for that to happen. The house is perfect for friends. I guess that in order for that to happen, I need to start making some real life friends that actually live around here. I know that Meg will be around this summer now, and that makes it so much better. So maybe she’ll help drag me to a church where we can meet some people smile Yeah, that’d be cool. Cuz its kinda a catch-22 - we don’t party, so we don’t really hang out with E’s work friends or my work friends. We don’t go to church so we don’t meet the people who don’t party. E has some wonderful friends down in CA. I like them a lot. And I have some good friends from college/HS, but none of them live close - Courtney’s in Crescent City, Karen’s on the East Coast, Lisa’s in Japan, and of course, my online friends are spread out over the country and even the globe!

But then again, I do enjoy my alone time. But maybe a little less alone time would be fun every once in a while!


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Well, I’ll add this to the list of our similarities! :0)

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