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Oh, the fun of makeup!

Bronwyn makes me want to go into a makeup counter and have them tell me what would look best. I know what I enjoy wearing, but sometimes, its more fun to have someone with those talents tell me what *really* would be cool smile

I especially like it when I learn new eyeliner techniques. When I went to Garden Botanika for my first big shopping trip a year or so ago, they showed me how to use this cool eyeliner (that looked like eyeshadow) with an angled brush, and its so neato because you can use water and make it have sharp lines, all sophisticaled; or you can just use a dry brush and make it softer for normal wear. I think that’s my favorite ever hint from a makeup lady smile

I wonder if I’d like Bobbi Brown Makeup as much as Bronwyn does... smile

[oh, look, today is 20% off day to GB garden club members - maybe I should order something!!!] ;)


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