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Hiring is hard work

Poor Dara is going through a struggle finding someone to fill a position. I almost wish that I lived over that way, because it sounds like a fun job.

I always have a rough time hiring. When we hire for office personnal, we usually end up with a barrage of calls the entire time the ad is in the paper - I think last time I had 50 applications filled out, and we have at least 2 calls for every person who comes in. And over the course of a week, that’s a lot of work! It usually ends up pushing every other project I’m working on onto the back burner. When we hire for production positions, we have much less of a turn out. A lot of ewwie people come in - our business is in a small town, and its very obvious that many people in the town have used/continue to use some hard-core drugs. I think last hiring attempt, we got 3 applications filled out. And 2 of them were really interested in the position, they were just filling out apps to stay on welfare. The other one wanted WAAAAAY more money than we could pay.

So anyhow, hiring is hard. Good luck, Dara!! I hope the perfect person falls into your lap REALLY soon smile


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Me too! I’m discussing a possible candidate with my boss today. Cross your fingers for me.

I hope it went super well!!! smile

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