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Mondays are busy days!

I’ve had a throughly busy Monday so far, but I kept putting a few things in my posting screen to come back to smile

From my Cyber-Crew page, I found SilverMage’s blog - Wisps of Thought. Speaking of C-C, I’ve been reading and posting on the boards more today off and on. Its an enlightening and fun group of people over there smile

Oh, and before I forget, I also found Kat who was linking to me over at snazzykat! What an adorable layout!!! I love the bubble blowing girl!

A big Welcome Home to Laura! smile We missed your fun posts while you were gone, but I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

link via the sweet Kellea: Do I dream in HTML? Um, ya *g* And css!! Which reminds me, I saw a funny post over at Gaile’s place about dreaming about color codes smile

Well, its hi-ho, hi-ho for me now! (back to work I go.. ::humming along)


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