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New additions to the journal

Over the last few hours (yes, I know I should be in bed!), I added a few things to my journal. Well, some of them were greatly in process already, but I finished them smile

These are all more for my enjoyment *giggle*, but you are welcome to visit them as much as you like. I have found that this journal is an excellent way for me to keep track of what has happened in my life over the months, and by documenting the things that I do, I can grow and learn more about myself.

I expanded on the Viewing section. This was just a listing of the last few movies I had seen, but I had been saving the archives of that list. So I put it all together with a little more info, and voila!

You’ve already seen the playlist I put together, I just enhanced it a little bit.

And finally, I’ve come to enjoy dressing up my stortropper to look like me on a daily basis, so here’s an archive of the days I’ve done and dated smile Watch for this to grow probably weekly.

Goodnight, chicas!


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