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sleep thoughts

I took a nap. E said I needed one. Suppose that means I was getting grumpy? So he came and layed with me in bed until I fell asleep.

I didn’t sleep very long, but when I woke up, it was very sudden - like all of a sudden, I must have been falling in my dream and went OH! and opened my eyes, wide awake.

So I sat down in front of my computer and read some happy notes, and then started to go through my daily reads again. Yes, if you must know, I usually visit my favs several times a day ;) But then I got sidetracked. Sometimes, its more fun to read other peoples favorite links - its almost like I am trying to see what they look for, what they enjoy, and different thoughts out there. I wonder what the list I read says to other people? I am very drawn to those that I do read, and always come back to a core group that I love catching up with every day. Do you suppose that’s closeminded of me?

Hmmm... those are my sleepy thoughts; do with them what you will!


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