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Finished remodeling!

Well, I spent the morning putting in my new design. I had something girly and white and butterfly-ish that I really wanted to use. But I just couldn’t seem to make it the way I wanted, so this week, I went WAAAAY in the other direction.

This design is based totally on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets [W3.org], [websitetips.com]).

The only images are:

  • The cute little stortrooper whose clothes changes almost on a daily basis.
  • The little Crayon to support the Crayon-box.
  • The sitemeter logo for my stats

Everything else is basic smile That’s why I was warning that it looked ugly originally this morning because I was taking *off* the formatting... then I uploaded the style sheet and POOF! beautiful colors ensued!!

If you see anything off, please let me know. And if you like it, I’d love to hear from you too! smile


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Oh my word! This is soo wonderful looking, I just love it!! Great design smile

It looks great....makes me want to change mine again...

Kristine, it is a beautiful and dramatic change! I really love the simplicity of it, and you’ve presented a large amount of information very elegantly.

Great new look! smile

it’s absolutely stunning! I love the colors and the simplicity and everything!

I love the new look! The colors are just gorgeous - so crisp and new and fresh. It’s a great layout. Verrrrry nice!

I LOVE this look! Pretty colors and the layout is very organized and easy to navigate. Neat-O!

Looks fantastic, Kristine. Sorry I didn’t post sooner! The colors are very spring-y - I like! smile

Kristine, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I don’t think I have ever seen a site so organized. And the colors are so soft and pretty!! Love it!!!!

WOWSA - can I call you a CSS GODDESS? This is wonderfully done and very original. I love it!

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