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Graduation AND a trip!

Khara’s almost done! That’s super-exciting! smile m glad you get a week off, and then a trip afterwards - that’s a great way to settle into the workforce a little more slowly. smile

had no such luck - I graduated June 14, 1998, and started my full time job June 15, 1998. I just couldn’t seem to talk my dad into letting me have a week off in between, but it sure woulda been nice! And I’ve been working super hard ever since! smile

As for places to go on your trip - will you get to go to New York City? I’ve got all sortsa info about going there, and places to hit and places to get tickets and stuff.... but I’d guess that Carol does too *g*


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Thanks for the encouragement! We’ll definitely hit New York for a few days...I’ve always wanted to go there...so email and/or blog me your suggestions...I have no clue what to see. I want to see a Broadway play...any URL hints to reserve tickets early? Wow, starting work the next day...that’s rough! smile

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