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A call from Paris!

My sister Megan just called from Paris!!! (Her and some classmates are on a History/Bible trip in England and France)

She says the Eiffel Tower is all sparkley tonight (its 11:15 there) and that they get to climb it tomorrow smile She said London and England were wonderful and she can’t wait to explore Paris over the next few days before going back to England and coming home (she arrives back hom on Sunday afternoon).

AND! She got me Doc Martens! She heard they were a better deal over there, so we put money in her account with the hopes that she’d find me some; and she did! (and she whispered at me before mom got on the line - she got her ear pierced! I’m guessing she did the top of one. Mom’ll freak *g* She freaked when I did it, and I was 22 LOL!)

Wow, I am so happy she’s having fun!

I didn’t mention because I was so preoccupied with my guests, but my sister Lisa is in Mexico, on a mission trip building a church. So both of my sisters are out of the country. Come back safely, my lovely girls! smile


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