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Spike is sexy :-)

over on Laurel’s TV Picks for Tuesday 03/13/2001:

Buffy: "So, how’d you kill her?"
Spike: "Funny you should ask."
(grabs Buffy) "Lesson the first:
A Slayer must always reach
for her weapon. I’ve already
got mine."

How did I miss this episode? I totally don’t remember this! And I love Buffy and Spike... so this could be a really good one. Hmmm....


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You missed Fool For Love?! I hope you caught it last night! It’s one of the best episodes of the season. When it first aired, Jen made me watch it 5 times. That night! LOL I didn’t mind too much, of course. I love Spike and Buffy. Although if you watch carefully, they have very subtly been setting up Giles and Buffy. There’s something in almost every ep. Interesting, huh?

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