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I want something yummy for lunch! Chicken strips and potatoes from the deli at Safeway, or a croissant sandwhich, or rice and spring rolls from chinese garden, or anything from the cute diner down the road (they have open face turkey sandwhiches to die for) or a baked potato with cheese and sour cream. Nummy yummy!

But instead, my mom is coming back here to go to lunch with me. Yesterday we had burger king. I ate too much burger king over this last year, and every time I smell it, my tummy revolts. Blech. McDonalds isn’t so bad, but I always eat it, and I’m tired of it! Maybe I can convince her to go to Old Fashion Maid, where they at least have salads you can get AND burgers for her....

Last night, I had an open faced turkey sandwich (with vege-turkey) smile On fresh bread from my breadmaker that was ready when I got home. With mashed potatoes from a box, and brown gravy. YUM!


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