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busy girl :(

I feel like I’m neglecting everything. My job has my brain spinning so much that I’ve only had time to surf a few blogs and post almost nothing and email nobody, not even in reply on some topics on WiseWomen that I wanted specifically to comment on. It didn’t help that I wasn’t at home at all Monday and last night we got our washer/dryer, so my time was preoccupied with first cleaning the house and then helping put the hoses and stuff on with my dad. So I’m quickly surfing and quickly finishing an email that HAS to go out, but its time to shower. And my eyes keep threatening to close anyhow!

(and everytime I look at this page, I want to do some simple redesigns. I’m torn because I love that it looks like the whole site, but I have a blue vision that I’d love to use for a while.... Hmmmm)


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