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I've always wanted to go to Boston...

When I visited Rabi this morning, she linked to some pictures of Massachusetts. Because I have always said that Boston would be a fun place to visit (I have no idea why I think that - I’ve been to NYC, you’d think that I’d have my fix of east coast towns, but Boston has always been a city I’ve wanted to visit in that little brain of mine), I clicked through the pictures.... And they were beautiful! So then I had to figure out who the photographer, Alison, was. She is the blogger behind bluishorange, and I know I’ve been here before, but why don’t I read her regularly? I love her writing style, and her pictures are *great* Not to mention that she’s got a neato design sense, and is pretty, too smile I must come back smile


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Boston & New York are totally different cities, with totally different feels, Kristine. I lived in Boston for a year and a half, and now I live 45 min. outisde of NYC. Boston has a small-town sort of feel and there’s history *everywhere*. Yes, there’s history everywhere in NYC too, but it’s different—I think it’s more apparent in Boston for some reason. Well, I hope you get to go someday because it’s my very favorite city & I have tons of reccomendations for you of where to go smile

Thanks, Carol. Whenever I can make it over to that side of the country again, I’ll make sure to get some recommendations from you on where to go! It just seems like a place with so much background of our country, but without the big city feel of NY or DC (which I haven’t been to either, but I’m guessing *g*) Anyhow, I definately would love to go there someday. We’ll see smile

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