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Yes, I took part of the day off!

Rina will be proud of me, since she’s always saying that I need to take a day off smile

I went home at lunchtime yesterday. The computers still weren’t all the way fixed, but I just couldn’t concentrate with the cross between a migrane and sinus headache that had been there for a day and a half. It was still there until last night. I took aleve, I took advil migrane of Annettes, I tried caffine - but nothing was taking it away. Even now, I can still feel a touch of it still staying in my head.

So I made it home just before 12:30 and got some chicken noodle soup, some toast, and made orange juice (for the vitamin C of course). My almost-upset stomach felt better after eating, and I curled up on the couch with my soaps on quietly. It had been 2 1/2 weeks since I had seen any of them (because with my work schedule the way it is *sob* I had to delete my programs that I normally tape because there was no way I could watch them all *pout*). So I got to watch some of Port Charles, which I know nothing about anymore!, As The World Turns (and bits of OLTL, enough to see Blair and Kelly happy with each other), General Hospital (and bits of Sammy fainting to get Austin’s attention on Days), and parts of All My Children between resting my eyes. I like watching soaps when I know the actors voices because then when you close your eyes, you still know what’s going on *g* And that’s good when you have a headache smile

So then E came home early. for me. to take care of me. That makes me feel all special smile

We talked and watched tv, and I feel asleep on the loveseat in the officeroom (probably around 6something. I was so sound alseep that the next thing I knew, I woke up and it was dark. I got up and got my blanket and went into the bedroom - it was 11:48, I think! - and climbed into bed and promptly fell back asleep until 5:30 or something. I guess I was tired!!

So now I’m up, I have a definately stuffed up head, and an achey body, but I’m alive and the headache is almost all of the way gone - thank God!!!

I’m surfing my blogs, and then I think I’ll either play the sims, play in photoshop, or go lay back down. What fun choices! smile


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Yes, I am VERY proud of you! I’m glad you went home, and I’m glad you’re feeling a little better. Now go rest and have fun and feel even better. LOL

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