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Decorating and Stuff

It was so nice to spend a weekend in my new house. Its starting to feel more like home than a place that I’m just staying at for a few nights *giggle*. Stuff is falling into place, and we are starting to figure out what we don’t have. Since we’ll be in this place for a few years or so (that’s the current plan of attack), we want to make this much more of a home than our last place. That means decorations and the right shelves and CURTAINS! (Well, E isn’t so excited about the curtains, but I am *giggle*.) So as we are settling in stuff, I’m working on formulating designs schemes that I want to try and do to match what we currently have.

We definately need more lighting. The bedroom doesn’t have any overhead lights, and I really don’t like the gooseneck one on the nightstand (currently pointing up!) because its going to mess up how I want to hang my little corner shelves above the nightstand! So far, the first lamps I’ve seen that are somewhat similar to our style of bedroom (warm colored wood with black metal swirl accents) is kinda this one Victorian Torchiere or maybe Antique Bronze Torchiere. As for decorations in this room, I have these cute little corner shelves that will go above the nightstand. I want to hang my wedding bouquet from the bottom one, and put our wedding pic on the nightstand. I have other pics of us that I think I’ll use to decorate the wall nearest to this. I have another whole wall on the other side of the room that I have yet to decide what to do with. Its big enough that I could put a couch or settee there. Hmmmm....

The office definately also needs lights. I don’t like the overhead light in there - so I think two floor lamps (one in each corner) should really help it. We saw this one in Walmart yesterday and it looks like it would work really well in there with the black colors since our office room has furniture with wood and black (Entertainment Center. I think I’m thinking that Green needs to be the accent color with these wood and black tones. Maybe. I don’t have pictures or anything I want on the walls yet. But so far everything is pretty neutral in that room - the two desks and entertainment center match, and then the couch is a light greyish color. Any decorating gurus have ideas for what to put on the walls? I have a large empty space behind the couch I’d like to put something in, and some space above the Entertainment center for a clock (if we go w/Green, I have one)

I think I’m gonna use the stairway to hang pictures of my siblings and family and stuff. There’s a nice spot at the top of the stairs that I’d like to do something with - in the corner. Maybe a corner shelf or a little chair or something. Oh, or maybe one of the bookshelves.

We checked out vacuums yesterday because we only have a little one that doesn’t work well, and we definately were impressed with the Fantom Fury that my mom has. So we’ll probably get that one when they have them back in stock.

Can you tell that I’m super-excited about the prospects? Its going to be wonderful when we get things a little more settled, but this will be an ongoing process for a while. I snapped some photos yesterday so I can show you the *before pics* when they get developed! smile

More to come later - I’ve been typing this off and on since 6 when I got to work!


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I can’t wait to see what you do with the place Kristine! smile

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