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To do list for the weekend - and to buy list!

6 months ago: Bottled Anticipation

I didn’t wake up until almost 6!! I’m so happy. . . . For most of you, that’s insanely early, but I was so worried that I would wake up at 4 like I have the rest of the week and not be able to go back to sleep.

To do this weekend:
  • Unpack bunches more stuff
  • Make hearts on my daily graphics for this site and icons for stuff
  • Finish and post my newest graphic sets and journal/blogger templates and update index page
  • Return some email that have been waiting in my mailbox
  • Make a list of everything we need to start looking for in our new home (italicized items are wants, but not needs)
    • Shelves for office closet - must have spots for rubbermaid boxes, books and computer software, and all of my craft stuff....
    • Short rubbermaid boxes for extra clothes under bed
    • Shoe racks or shelves or something for bedroom closet
    • All of the items left on our registry - silverware, glasses, etc. - items that we put off finishing because we didn’t want to have to move them!
    • real Vacuum and maybe a handheld one if we can find a set (my mom has a fantom fury this works really well)
    • TV and VCR for downstairs
    • TV stand for downstairs
    • Futons for downstairs
    • Diningroom table and more chairs
    • Cedar Chest for end of bed
    • Curtains for the windows
    • Decorations for everywhere!!! (no, not a broad request at all *giggle*
    • Faceplate and items we need to put a cable outlet on THIS site of the wall
    • Shelf for in the bathroom to put things on
    • Lamps for rooms
    • more trash cans
    • Shelves for garage
    • File cabinent for office room

  • Start shopping for the aformentioned list
  • Don’t think about work and the evil bad computers like I did when I woke up in the middle of the night...
  • Pay bills
  • Download TaxACT and work on our Taxes
  • Relax with E

I’ll probably modify this more later, too!


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